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Engagement, reach, awareness and credibility in the form of media, with the best results on the Internet. Nerdcast, Braincast, 99Vidas, MRG, Tecnocast and eight other channels with the best podcasts, adding together, over 500,000 downloads of episodes a month.



Media formats of high impact and engagement.  Segmentation by behavioral targeting and context, as well as, the power of influence of the best websites, blogs and, thousands of publishers, through their social media.


Veículos Exclusivos

B9, DynAdmic, Jovem Nerd, Sensacionalista, S4M, Spotify, Tecnoblog and Torcedores. Content projects that ensure that, the power of reach and influence of these vehicles, exclusively sold by boo-box/ftpi, are available for your brand.

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