Exclusively represented vehicles

Exclusively represented vehicles


Platforms and vertical sites represented in Brazil exclusively by boo-box/ftpi:

  • Amazing Pixel
  • B9
  • DynAdmic
  • Jovem Nerd
  • S4M
  • Sensacionalista
  • Spotify
  • Tecnoblog
  • Torcedores.com
  • Amazing Pixel
  • B9
  • DynAdmic
  • Jovem Nerd
  • S4M
  • Sensacionalista
  • Spotify
  • Tecnoblog
  • Torcedores.com

Our formats:

Content projects: Our creative team transforms your brand in the main subject.
Exclusive formats: Formats that take advantage of the engagement, attention, credibility, influence, reach and frequency that these vehicles can offer.
Standard formats: Every format that are most used by digital advertising to receive your campaign.

About each exclusive vehicle

Get in contact with our specialized team to choose the best vehicle for your campaign.


Spotify is the world’s largest music platform with 100 million users interacting with the content. Innovative formats focused on results.


Jovem Nerd is the most important entertainment vertical in Brazil, with formats in audio, video and text. It counts with 3 million users and one of the biggest podcasts in the world, the Nerdcast.


Amazing Pixel is the pioneer and largest YouTube network with more than 15 different channels of content creation, reaching over 20 million subscribers.


B9 is a reference in creativity and trends in Brazil and the right platform to show innovation.


Tecnoblog is a large community users and experts in technology, with great credibility and ability to influence the audience. It’s the right platform to interact with the audience interested in technology.


Sensacionalista is the largest humor site in Brazil and one of the content producers with higher engagement in the social media. All of this power is available for your brand.


Torcedores.com is the largest sports community in Brazil. It’s an innovative site that, finally, puts the audience as the main analysts of the championships and sports events.


S4M is the most intelligent and efficient mobile media platform in the world.


DynAdmic is the only video DMP capable of contextualizing the advertising at the content through its unique audio recognition technology.


“We from Sensationalista, live by making jokes, but we take the content very seriously. Our work is handcrafted: an out-of-place word in a headline can knock out the joke. And keep with our advertisers the same level of requirements that we keep with our own material.
That is why it is so important working with you. You can make the client understand the fact that he must trust our instincts, you defend our ideas; decode mysterious briefings and all without ever losing your tenderness.
It is not the easiest job in the world to sell an iconoclastic vehicle like Sensationalista. That is why we recommend this team!”

Marcelo Zorzanelli – Author and partner at Sensacionalista


Some of our exclusive media vehicles

Advertise with us

A media that provides interactivity and a unique relationship.
Try advertising your message with opinion makers.

Choose the best solution for your marketing campaign

Any questions about which product better fits your needs, contact us.
We have a service team ready to answer all your questions.



The message is transmitted to the audience with spontaneity through the influencer’s channel, building interaction between content and listener, as well as a greater engagement with the brand.



Campaigns with exclusive formats, impacting the right audience at our quality network of blogs and websites, with influential publishers who enable and promote content on their online channels.


Exclusively represented vehicles

Content on the voice of great influencers potentializing your message in a more agile and personalized way, creating more engagement with the campaigns and trends for your brand.

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